5 Must-Have Software for Market Research 

Conducting market research has never been more important. With hyper-focused advertising, targeted leads, remarketing campaigns, and more, competition is at an all-time high. One of the best ways to ensure that your brand has its head in the game is to utilize market research software, which can help companies gain insight into their customer base.

To help companies choose the right options for them, we’ve rounded up our top five favorite market research software that can help gather information about customers, get answers to surveys, organize data, and more.

The Best Market Research Software

At Decision Point Consulting, we use several types of market research software. We understand how useful they can be in understanding potential customers, target audiences, and beyond. Besides traditional methods for researching the market, having software that works online is crucial in today’s digital world. Here are our top five favorite software for market research:

  1. QuestionPro
  2. SurveyMonkey
  4. Latana
  5. Dub InterViewer

While we love these pieces of software for market research, it’s important to know that there are tons of options on the market, and more become available every day! With this in mind, we recommend that business owners still conduct a bit of research on their own before deciding on which options to go with.

QuestionPro – $12/Month

QuestionPro is a software we use every day at Decision Point. With sleek, user-friendly options, this software allows you to create highly customizable surveys, access shareable data reports, and utilize its flexible platform for complex research. Plus, it has a 24-hour customer support line to help businesses work through any issues at any time.

SurveyMonkey – $26/Month

One of the world’s most popular survey and market research platforms, SurveyMonkey is colorful, affordable, and easy to use. You can, of course, make surveys using their online platform, but that’s not all. They also offer data management, statistical analysis, survey management, payment forms, customer loyalty, employee engagement, and more.

IBM SPSS – $99/Month

IBM’s SPSS software is a little different from our previous two choices. SPSS allows its users to gather data and understand what exactly it all means. This software offers “advanced statistical analysis, a vast library of machine learning algorithms, text analysis, open source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications”, and much more. While that may sound like a lot of information, SPSS makes everything easy to understand with a clean interface and simple controls for all skill levels.

Latana – $7000/Market Per Year

Latana is a colorful, easy-to-use software that allows its users insights into its customer base using AI brand tracking and scalable insights. Lantana helps business owners get a look at how their customers feel about their brand by tracking the effectiveness of their marketing and how it changes over time. Users can set target audiences using machine learning to glean an insight into the minds of their ideal customers.

Dub InterViewer – $8400/Year

For its cost-effectiveness to efficiency ratio, we think Dub InterViewer is an excellent piece of software that deserves a spot in our top five market research software list. Using a single platform, Dub InterViewer allows its users to conduct face-to-face, online, mobile, CATI, and mixed-mode market research. Dub InterViewer uses traditional media as well as mobile surveys and more through apps that come with the software.

Looking for Reliable Market Research?

At Decision Point Consulting, market research is our specialty. If you or your business needs help to navigate the ins and outs of marketing, we would be happy to help! We are a passionate and driven team committed to helping you make the most of your business strategy, marketing, and legal decision-making. We offer focus group facilitation, digital market research, consumer panels, data capture & analysis, recruiting, and much more. To get started, give us a call today at 440-263-5362 or use our online contact form to get in touch. Let’s get started today.

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