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We’re here to answer your toughest market research questions! If you’re interested in qualitative marketing research in Elyria and surrounding areas, please use the attached form to contact our offices. Your contact information will be kept confidential and will not be shared.

A passion for understanding human behavior and a relentless determination to find answers to the most challenging business questions is the foundation on which DecisionPoint Consulting was established and has grown over the past twenty-five years. Using qualitative marketing research and other techniques, we strive to help businesses make the best decisions that lead to success.

Our current facility, located in Canton, OH, was opened in 2013 and fills a pivotal need for on-site market research services between Northeast and Central Ohio, an area known for its manufacturing, health technology, information technology, banking, and finance, metal production and fabrication industry clusters.  The company continues to add the most qualified employees and consultants and remains relentless in its pursuit of answers to the most challenging questions that drive our client’s growth and success.

We realize that when it comes to market and legal research, little details can make a big difference. A specific question can direct a focus group discussion. An under or over-represented demographic can change the resulting marketing strategy. An experienced facilitator can uncover a wealth of rich anecdotal data and a mock jury trial can prepare legal counsel to present the most persuasive arguments. For us, the bottom line is to help our clients strategically advance their strategy and achieve their goals. Our qualitative marketing reserach, market research consulting, mock jury, and recruitment services in Canton Ohio and surrounding areas have helped many clients like you.

Qualitative Marketing Research