Focus Group Research

In the world of marketing research, few things can be as effective as getting your concept or product in front of a potential consumer and gauging their reactions prior to it hitting the market. Knowing how a consumer will feel about what you have to offer can inform a number of decisions needed to be attended to before launch. Conducting focus group research is the key to fulfilling this need.

What Is A Focus Group?

Focus group research is a marketing research tool aimed at bringing together a group of people, typically 6-10, in a room to provide their feedback about a particular product, service, concept, or marketing campaign to a moderator. To be most effective, we recommend holding multiple focus groups.

The Moderator

Led by a trained moderator, focus group research sessions can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the needs of the company involved and the depth of the questions to be addressed. The leaded discussion is designed to gather helpful information about the product, service, concept, or marketing campaign in question through posing a list of preordained questions to participants. These questions are designed to inspire insightful responses that can be useful to marketing researchers. The moderator of the focus group’s goal is to

Online Focus Groups

encourage everyone involved to actively participate in the discussion and share differing opinions, in order to elicit the most beneficial results from the session.


Focus group participants are typically recruited and chosen based on their purchase history, demographics, psychographics, or behavior. Our comprehensive, ever-expanding catalog of consumer panelists provides a vast list of potential focus group participants.



  • Generally, focus group research teams are available at a lower cost than other marketing research methods
  • Generate results quickly
  • Easy to conduct
  • The moderator can make note of body language and other non-verbal cues in addition to what is said
  • Information can be gathered in the participant’s own words as opposed to answering multiple-choice style surveys
  • The technique is flexible and can be adjusted based on group behavior


  • Participants can be influenced by other participants in the room or by the questions themselves
  • Loaded questions can skew results
  • Sample size can’t always be generalized to account for a larger population


Many different types and styles of in-person and online focus group research teams exist to best fit the needs of the researcher. Especially with the continued reliance on technology, and health concerns of participants being in large groups, some types can be more advantageous than others.

  • Mini focus groups – Fewer participants are used in this type of session, typically 4-5 as opposed to 6-10.
  • Online focus groups – Participants log in to a video chat and discuss the product or concept remotely.
  • Two-way focus groups – Researchers can observe the session from the other side of a one-way mirror while the moderator conducts the focus group session.
  • Dual moderator focus groups – One moderator is tasked with asking questions while the other focuses on taking accurate notes.
  • Client participant focus group – A representative of the company being analyzed participates in the discussion to engage with the other participants.


Decision Point offers those interested in conducting marketing research, a state-of-the-art facility. Pulse Point Facility is wired and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to record and analyze studies using:

  • Fixed Focus Video
  • Video streaming through FocusVision
  • Flat Screen TV
  • DVD Player
  • Audio
  • Internet Access
  • iPads
  • Data Capture/Graphic Response Tool

This location is perfect for hosting focus groups. Located just six miles from the Akron-Canton Airport, it is easily accessible from Akron and Canton, OH by way of I-77. Our facility provides amenities such as:

  • A free-standing office building
  • Ground floor access
  • Multiple entrances for privacy
  • Plentiful free parking
  • Two focus group suites
  • A private viewing room with a one-way mirror, comfortable seating, and in-suite amenities.
  • State-of-the-art viewing and recording technology.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Catering & Refreshment Services Available


Online focus groups or in-person focus groups can help refine your proposed product, service, or concept in a way other marketing research tools can’t. Conducting focus groups are a crucial component of bringing a new product to the market. To better understand your potential customer’s perspective, contact us today at 440-263-5362 or by info@decisionpointconsulting.com . We would be happy to discuss the options available to your marketing research efforts by utilizing our in-person or online focus group services in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and surrounding counties. Learn how our knowledgeable team can streamline the marketing research process for you.