With an emphasis on collecting data in relation to human behavior, our legal research services provide valuable insights into jury selection. The data provided by legal focus groups and mock jury trials can be instrumental in developing jury selection questions, an important aspect in determining which jurors are the best fit both demographically and psychographically for the given case.

Selecting the right jury is crucial to any legal case; no matter how strong an argument, the verdict will hinge on the decisions of the jury. Our data can help you select the right people for your needs by using our advanced recruitment and research technology, providing you with the opportunity to match possible demographics and statistical data of possible jurors. Decision Point Consulting offers in-depth jury selection counseling by finding people that meet clients’ needs in an organic way.


Using our advanced recruitment and research technology, we can provide you the opportunity to find out what a jury might be thinking through jury selection counseling. For the same reasons that companies test their advertising campaigns, we help our attorney and legal professional association clients test the efficacy of their arguments with a group of jurors that are demographically comparable. Conducting legal research through mock jury trials can improve efficiencies in trial preparation. Specifically, as it pertains to the clarification of strategies and the effectiveness of a litigator’s presentation.


Jury Selection Consulting


As with all of our Research Services, we incorporate technology in the collection and analysis of data and can record the Legal Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials for review afterward for jury selection counseling. Our Pulse Point Facility provides a great environment for these Legal Research Services. The Pulse Point Facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology and screening resources to ensure the collection of all relevant data for analysis including:


  • Questionpro Software; Team edition
  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software
  • Black Magic Video processing
  • iSkySoft conversion software
  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared UR
  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software
  • Zoom and Focus Vision capabilities

We always use the latest data-capturing technology available to ensure the highest quality results.


Selecting a jury can be a daunting task. So much of a trial relies on the decisions of the jury, making the selection process an important one. By using our research and recruitment technology, Decision Point Consulting can provide jury selection counseling for attorney and legal professional association clients using our state of the art facility.

When it comes to high-stakes cases, preparing in every way is crucial. Refining your arguments and clarifying your jury questions are important steps in trial preparation. By using our jury selection consultation services, attorneys and legal professionals can prepare with ease. But what does jury selection consultation entail?


  • Jury research
  • Mock jury trials
  • Focus groups
  • Demographic research
  • Surveys


We encounter many moments in our lives where we are faced with two possible scenarios. When we find ourselves in these moments, we need to make a decision that we believe will benefit us the most. Go left or right? Abandon product development or invest more resources and press forward? Settle a lawsuit or fight with reckless abandon? Amend the strategy or just ditch it?

Two roads diverge and a decision must be made.

Sometimes, you might fear that you made the wrong decision. However, that will not be the case when you hire us. Decision Point Consulting is a consulting business. We get the discussion going within your company to make the right business decisions. We provide knowledgeable and accomplished staff and expert services to give you the guidance and pragmatic solutions you require for your business to prosper.  We do this based on professionally gathered quantitative and qualitative data.


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