Marketing Research Interviewing in Brewster OH

At Decision Point Consulting, we emphasize the importance of developing strong and effective interviews. Whether conducted face-to-face or remotely, interviews are an essential part of the marketing research process.

Market research interviewing in Brewster OH must be a part of an overall methodology and be meticulously prepared to be most effective. Using open and closed-ended questions, we at Decision Point Consulting can produce reliable quantitative and qualitative results for our clients.

Why Decision Point Consulting?

Well-informed businesses and business professionals use professional market research interviewing services to gather real customer feedback about their products and services. Decision Point Consulting provides a complete interviewing program that studies what consumers buy, want, and need in any industry to make it simple for our clients to tap into current trends.


Decision Point Consulting offers:


Even if your company is doing most of its own data collecting, a quick call to a professional market research interview firm can add extra power to your public efforts. Using our services can help you incorporate fast, accurate surveys into your marketing research study by conducting studies around the clock, targeting companies and consumers in time zones across the country.

The Results

Clients of Decision Point Consulting receive professional assistance in understanding their target audience and learn new ways to expand their clientele. Our team provides survey designing services, analysis, and trained operators to create, conduct, and analyze effective surveys. We can make complicated surveys simple to conduct and simple for customers and clients to understand. The studies we design can help you collect the information you need to gather while our professionally trained staff gets to work, making phone calls and asking questions.

Decision Point Consulting can reach out to English and Spanish-speaking respondents, casting a far wider net and collecting a more expansive data set for your market research study. Our marketing consultants have received extensive training in asking the right questions to obtain and record accurate responses.

When most people think of market research interviewing in Brewster OH, they think of pharmaceutical studies and customer satisfaction surveys. At Decision Point Consulting, our range of services extend much further. We offer various applications, including image studies, needs assessments, and performance evaluations. Our services can benefit almost any industry. For example, a retail company could test consumer reactions to a new product, an airport could poll their customers to gauge their confidence, and travel agencies can use our services to tap into more niche markets. Because all business depends on public opinion, the services offered at Decision Point Consulting can work for every business.

Marketing Research Interviewing in Brewster OH with Decision Point Consulting 

Here at Decision Point Consulting, we take pride in what we do to help businesses like yours fully understand their target audiences. We work side-by-side with you to design highly effective interview questions for soliciting the metrics your business needs to measure most. The information uncovered by these interviews can provide your company with comprehensive results. Not only that, but we can help interpret the results we find and strategize with you on how to incorporate those results in your business. If you are interested in creating a research panel, recruiting is one of the first steps! For more information, call 440-263-5362 today to talk with one of our team members.