Marketing Research Consultation in Wayland OH

What is your most challenging question?  We realize that a single question can generate many different answers but only one is going to offer our clients the competitive advantage they seek and help them achieve their desired outcome.  At DecisionPoint Consulting, we conduct market research that generates the best answers for our clients’ most pressing questions and then translates that data into solutions that strategically advance their marketing strategy and achieve their business goals.

What Do You Deal With In Market Research Facilities?
an agile methodology

We know that budgets are tight and timelines are even tighter. Yet, competitive advantage cannot be compromised.  We employ an Agile methodology that offers our clients efficiencies in speed and cost.  We design each market research study based on traditional research methods and incorporate technology at every vantage point to give our clients real-time data and the ability to make decisions faster.

strategic market research

Too often market research is conducted without a strategic focus and while it generates data, the information acquired is ineffective for driving business strategy and answering the most pressing marketing questions.  Likewise, we realize the investment our clients make in conducting Primary market research and know it needs to provide

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accurate data relevant to making operational decisions that achieve business goals.  We deploy strategy in the Marketing Research Consultation in Wayland OH methods we propose and the collection methods we use so the resulting analysis and reporting provide meaningful insights into the questions at hand.  This approach, when complemented by Secondary market research provides our clients with a well-rounded and accurate portrayal of their customers and markets.

Quantitative Marketing Research Consultation in Wayland OH

When you need to determine what a larger number of customers are thinking, our quantitative research capabilities deliver data that answer our clients’ most challenging questions surrounding their market, customers, products, competitors, packaging, and marketing methods.  Our infrastructure and use of relevant technology allow us to collect data from sample populations of all sizes resulting in a more accurate understanding of the targeted audience and a more strategic position for decision-making.  Our national database of over 20,000 screened survey participants is readily available or we can recruit a completely unique audience.  We like the challenging questions, not the easy ones, and our market research professionals are skilled at developing and managing all aspects of the project from design through data collection to analysis and reporting.

qualitative research

Qualitative research methods are used to dig deeper into what customers are thinking and learn why they think or feel a certain way and what motivates their decision-making.  Qualitative research is conducted to gauge overall satisfaction with the company’s product or services, guide new product development, determine branding effectiveness, explore design and packaging concepts, determine marketing message effectiveness and identify the impact of pricing on buying behavior.  While the data is richer and more helpful for answering strategic business questions, procuring these deeper attitudes and beliefs can be a more challenging process.  We engage proven facilitators with excellent facilitation skills and experience developing questions that encourage and engage participants.  By employing technologies that measure anecdotal feedback, we are able to provide our clients with robust opinions, high-quality data, and general trends information.

focus groups

A well-designed and facilitated focus group is both art and science as it creates a meaningful and relevant dialog among participants on a specific topic or issue.  Once our client’s goals and objectives are clearly defined, the demographics of the participants and identified, and venue selected including our Pulse Point Facility or another venue nationwide.  Once the logistics are settled, our Marketing Research Consultation in Wayland OH designs a process and develop questions that will encourage meaningful conversation and our recruiting team sources focus group participants from our nationally cured database as well as through targeted searches.  We employ expert facilitators who are skilled at managing group dynamics and encouraging meaningful dialog.  We engage technology in the presentation of information to participants and the focus groups hosted in our facility can be viewed from our private viewing room and/or recorded for later review and analysis.  Additional information on our Pulse Point Facility can be found here.

individual and in-depth interviews

Our professionals skillfully design interview processes and employ the most current interview techniques to conduct Individual Interviews. Usually used to help identify trends, learn more about customer’s needs and opinions and identify the best marketing vehicles to connect with the target audience, these interviews are conducted face-to-face, over the telephone, and online.  In some instances, computerized telephone surveys can be an equivalent option for this kind of interview.

When more detailed, sensitive, or emotionally charged information is needed, our professionals design an In-Depth Interview process that establishes rapport and encourages participants to open up and reveal information that otherwise may be guarded.  With the combination of a well-designed process and exceptional interpersonal skills on behalf of the interviewer, these interviews can provide more accurate and truthful responses.  While most effective when in person, In-Depth Interviews can also be conducted via telephone and online.