Decision Point Marketing & Research Technology

Is there a faster (or better) way to do this? is a question we repeatedly ask ourselves whether recruiting candidates, collecting and analyzing data or facilitating online focus groups. We integrate market research technology into every study design in order to efficiently reach study respondents, ensure accuracy in data collection, analysis and reporting and expedite completion of the study for our clients.

Data Capture and Analysis

The following technologies are used in data capture, analysis, reporting, and solution presentation.

  • Questionpro Software; Team edition
  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software
  • Black Magic Video processing
  • iSkySoft conversion software
  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared UR
  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software

Our facility is wired and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to record and analyze studies conducted in our Pulse Point Focus Center:

  • Fixed Focus Video
  • Video streaming through FocusVision
  • Flat Screen TV
  • DVD Player
  • Audio
  • Internet Access
  • iPads
  • Data Capture/Graphic Response Tool
Market Research Technology

Market research technology has made a huge impact on how data is collected and analyzed prior to the launch of a new product. While previously, someone would have to find a means to locate a sample of candidates, find a way to properly communicate with them, and record data that was provided, now the process can be streamlined as technology continues to advance. Efficiently reach your study respondents, ensure the accuracy in data collection, analysis, reporting, and expedite completion of your research by taking advantage of our marketing research technology. Call us today and let us help you bring your new product to the market as soon as possible.