Top 5 Surprising Industry Trends to Watch for 2021

Are you interested to see how the pandemic affected last year’s market, and how that will run into this year’s industries? How were shoe sales affected, for example? Obviously, PPE sales went through the roof, but what about aloe vera plants or dog leashes? In this blog, we’ll explore last year’s top ten booms and busts that will affect this year’s industry.

Industries Grappling With Change This Year

There were certainly obvious peaks in sales due to the coronavirus in areas like personal protective equipment, online food delivery, e-learning options, and e-commerce, as well as lows for industries like airlines, restaurants, and retailers. But what were some of the more shocking industries and products that people turned to in their time of need? Here, we’ll take a closer look.

Aloe Vera Plants ↑

While it may seem like a random item plant off the shelf, aloe vera plants boomed in sales over the past year or so for a few different reasons. Other than being one of the most popular houseplants that are very hard to kill, aloe vera juice is one of the main ingredients in homemade hand sanitizer, of which there was a shortage for quite some time at the start of the pandemic. People stuck inside got creative and began turning to their plants for their medicinal properties. With more time on their hands, people also had more time for leisure activities like gardening, so houseplants and even outdoor plants became more popular in general, as well.

Dog Adoptions & Pet Supplies ↑

One of the better things to come out of the pandemic was the rise of pet adoption rates, which grew to 891K dogs and cats in 2020, according to Chewy. Because people had to stay at home, they had more time to welcome new pets into their homes. Besides adoptions, foster rates also increased “a whopping 54,552 pets in the past year, a 17 percent increase over last year”. All these newly acquired pets lead to a staggering increase in pet supply sales, as well, and pet supplies such as dog leashes, collars, bowls, and even dog diapers soared.

Security Guards ↑

With worldwide business closures and temporarily altered hours, there are many empty buildings standing alone with minimal security. According to Inc.com, “[Allied Universal] announced in early April that it would hire 30 thousand people over the next two months”, which lead to a 15% jump in employee application submissions. The pandemic has created uncertainty for many, especially during the 2020 election, which likely contributed to the push for more security at businesses and empty locations.

Tattoos & Body Art ↓

Obviously, getting a tattoo or a piercing is a very up-close experience that sometimes even requires getting into a person’s face. COVID-19 impacted tattoo artists in a big way, closing many shops permanently and others for long periods, costing many artists, like many other people, their livelihoods. Walk-in tattoos are still a thing of the past for many shops, and will likely continue to be. Many body piercers will refuse to pierce noses or mouths so their customers can keep their masks on. With so much uncertainly even still, it will be a long time before the industry can fully recover.

Movie Theaters ↓

While it may seem that heading to the movies again could be in the cards soon, it may not last. While nonessential businesses were shut down, many theaters lost millions of dollars in revenue. Meanwhile, production companies were getting creative and finding ways to enter the streaming world, with many joining the ranks of Netflix. New streaming services like HBO Max, Peacock, and others launched movies that were supposed to launch in theaters, driving the proverbial nail in the coffin for theaters further. Unfortunately, theaters like AMC and Regal may never recover.

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