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That critical moment when a decision must be made...Go left or right?...Abandon product development or invest more resources and press forward?...Settle a lawsuit or fight with reckless abandon?...Amend the strategy or just ditch it?...Two roads diverge and a decision must be made.

At DecisionPoint Consulting we realize those critical moments result in real-life outcomes that generate bottom-line impact.  So we take our work seriously.  We strive for excellence on our clients’ behalf.  We employ current technologies to facilitate data collection and use statistical methodologies to analyze research data.  We engage only the most skilled facilitators and we recruit the best qualified participants.


We know that to keep pace with the speed of business we need to be agile in our approach. We work in teams and believe that partnering with our clients for the long-term is the best approach to success.  We manage every project focused on the realization that our work impacts your decision-making abilities.


With DecisionPoint Consulting's focus group research in Cleveland Ohio, we’ll help you find answers to your most pressing questions. Contact us today!

Focus Group Research In Cleveland Ohio

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