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Have you ever wondered what the jury is thinking or better yet, what a prospective jury in a specific area of the country may be thinking?  For the same reasons that companies test their advertising campaigns, we help our attorney and legal professional association clients test the efficacy of their arguments with a group of jurors that are demographically comparable.  Legal research improves efficiencies in trail preparation, clarification of strategies and effectiveness of litigator presentation. 

legal focus groups

Legal Focus Groups are an important part of trial preparation as they give counsel the opportunity to present key aspects of the case to participants that are demographically representative of the jury pool.  The data this research generates helps clarify strategies and improves efficiencies in trial preparation by focusing discovery, streamlining witness preparation, eliminating time developing ineffective arguments  and facilitating jury selection.


Our focus group facilitators are skilled at presenting the merits of the case to participants without revealing whether they are from the prosecution or defense side offering counsel insights into the case from both sides.

mock jury trials

A Mock Jury Trial is the simulation of an actual trial and provides counsel with an opportunity to present the case, test arguments and perfect questioning and cross-examination in front of a panel that is demographically similar to the jury pool, yet from a geographic area outside of the case’s venue.


Based upon the type of lawsuit, our consultants structure an experience that mirrors the in-court process and evaluates the merits of the case.  Participants can be asked to offer opinions of their interpretations of the law, evaluate the effectiveness of legal counsel’s arguments, deliberate the merits presented, render a verdict or award prospective damages.  Panel participants can also provide feedback on the effectiveness of the litigators presentation.

jury selection consulting

With an emphasis on collecting data in relation to human behavior, our legal research services provide valuable insights into the selection of jurors and can be instrumental in developing jury selection questions to determine which jurors are the best fit both demographically and psycho-graphically.

As with all of our Research Services, we incorporate technology in the collection and analysis of data and can record the Legal Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials for review afterwards.  Our Pulse Point Facility provides a great environment for these Legal Research Services.  

Mock Jury Trials & Legal Research

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