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Have you ever wondered what the jury is thinking? What if you could even know what a prospective jury in a specific area of the country may be thinking? Using our advanced recruitment and research technology, we can provide you the opportunity to find out. For the same reasons that companies test their advertising campaigns, we help our attorney and legal professional association clients test the efficacy of their arguments with a group of jurors that are demographically comparable. Conducting legal research through mock jury trials can improve efficiencies in trial preparation. Specifically, as it pertains to the clarification of strategies and the effectiveness of a litigator’s presentation. 

Legal Focus Groups

Legal Focus Groups are an important part of trial preparation. Broadening your perspective beyond the limits of your own bias and opinions can fundamentally change the way you see something. Imagining a case, for example, through the eyes of other people can award you as a litigator with a fresh outlook and potentially a new angle to see things from. Legal focus groups can give legal teams the opportunity to present key aspects of their case to participants that are demographically representative of the jury pool. The data this research generates helps clarify strategies and improves efficiencies in trial preparation. By focusing on discovery, streamlining witness preparation, eliminating time developing ineffective arguments, and facilitating jury selection utilizing our legal focus group service can transform your court preparation by providing data you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.


Our focus group facilitators are skilled at presenting the merits of the case to participants without revealing whether they are from the prosecution or defense side. This unbias approach offers focus group participants insights into the case from both sides which can inform you as the legal team with crucial information on how to best present your side of the argument.

Mock Jury Trials

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A Mock Jury Trial is the simulation of an actual trial. Mock Jury Trials provide counsel with an opportunity to present the case, test arguments, and develop a more perfect line of questioning and cross-examination strategies. This arrangement allows counsel to hone their tactics and courtroom strategy before the trial even begins. Learning how to better engage demographically similar people to the eventual real jury is a tremendous advantage for legal teams looking to improve their outcomes.


Mock jurors, provided by Decision Point Consulting, represent a cast of demographically similar people to the actual jury pool. Recruiting them from a geographic area outside of the case’s venue provides critical insight into the minds of the type of people responsible for dictating the case outcome without jeopardizing the case.


Our consultants structure an experience that mirrors the in-court process based on the type of lawsuit. Mock jurors evaluate the merits of the case as presented, deliberate, and render a verdict or award prospective damages. Participants can be asked to offer their opinions on interpretations of the law and evaluate the effectiveness of legal counsel’s arguments. Panel participants can also provide feedback on the effectiveness of the litigator’s presentation.

Jury Selection Consulting

With an emphasis on collecting data in relation to human behavior, our legal research services provide valuable insights into the selection of jurors. The data provided by legal focus groups and mock jury trials can be instrumental in developing jury selection questions; an important aspect in determining which jurors are the best fit both demographically and psychographically for the given case.

As with all of our Research Services, we incorporate technology in the collection and analysis of data and can record the Legal Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials for review afterward. Our Pulse Point Facility provides a great environment for these Legal Research Services. The Pulse Point Facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology and screening resources to ensure the collection of all relevant data for analysis including:


  • Questionpro Software; Team edition

  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software

  • Black Magic Video processing

  • iSkySoft conversion software

  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared UR

  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software

Hire Decision Point Consulting

If you’re interested in presenting your case to like-minded demographically similar people to your potential jury pool, utilizing the services offered by Decision Point Consulting could be the edge you need to sharpen your strategy. Mock Jury Trials, Legal Focus Groups, and Jury Selection Consulting can afford you the resources necessary to create your best-case scenario for the courtroom.

Mock Jury Trials & Legal Research

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