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A passion for understanding human behavior and a relentless determination to find answers to the most challenging business questions is the foundation on which DecisionPoint Consulting was established and has grown over the past twenty-five years.

Originally founded in 1994 as Data for Decisions in Marketing, the company offered market research and consulting services to its first clients.  At the same time, the company acquired Focus Room of Akron, a research facility that added a state-of-the-art focus group facility to the consulting services.

The company grew and in 2003 opened a larger, more technologically-advanced facility, the Decision Point Focus Facility, in Fairlawn, OH.  This facility was the first, three-room market research and mock jury trial facility in Northeast Ohio and with this expansion, the company started offering research services to trial lawyers and legal professional associations nationwide.

As social media was more widely adopted, the company added a Virtual Digital Recruiting Practice to its traditional recruitment practice, thereby expanding its candidate sourcing capabilities and leading to the development of a nationwide, end-user databases for both qualitative and quantitative research engagements. 

Our current facility, located in Canton, OH, was opened in 2013 and fills a pivotal need for on-site market research services between Northeast and Central Ohio, an area known for its manufacturing, health technology, information technology, banking and finance, metal production and fabrication industry clusters.  The company continues to add the most qualified employees and consultants and remains relentless in its pursuit of answers to the most challenging questions that drive our client's growth and success.



Expanded our consulting team to diversify expertise and address deep consultative insights utilizing top personnel, technology and social resources.


Opened Pulse Point Focus Center in Canton, Ohio and established nationwide, end-user database for quantitative and qualitative research opportunities.


Established our Virtual Digital Recruiting Practice and integrated state-of-the-art technology applications into recruiting and facilitation processes.  


Opened Decision Point Focus Facility in Fairlawn, Ohio offering the first three room mock jury facility to serve the legal and marketing community in Northeast Ohio.


Founded Data for Decisions in Marketing and acquired the Focus Room of Akron in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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