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Conducting marketing research requires participants. In the modern age, this process has evolved to be largely centered around technology and remote communications. Email, social media, video conferencing, and even newer technologies are being developed every day and have become the most effective and efficient methods of reaching the public. Because they’re constantly evolving and changing, staying up-to-date with technology trends not specific to your industry can be challenging. Not to mention leveraging that knowledge and expertise when reaching out to the public. Connecting with that organic voice can be complex. Our social and cultural environment is always quickly changing and when many people are working from home, they’re spending less time in public than ever before. 

Coordinating a marketing research project requires a lot of moving pieces and focus in every direction, from development to data gathering, recording and analyzing. Where do you find the time amidst all of that to perform your own recruitment services? We here at Decision Point Consulting have the resources and expertise necessary to perform those recruitment services digitally for you and build the sample population needed for your specific project’s required size and demographics. Digitally recruiting for you means saving you time and money so you can focus your efforts on developing results. 

What Is Digital Recruiting and How Is It Done?

Digital recruiting makes use of various technologies to collect, analyze, select, and recruit the right candidates for your research project. We’ll start by inspecting your specific research criteria, analyze your key demographics, and determine the most effective approach moving forward. Our team then works to produce an expertly crafted message to grab the attention of the right participants for your study. Our participant outreach utilizes social media, video conferencing, and email to connect with and properly screen those candidates, ensuring they’re the appropriate fit for your project.


All of this can be done remotely as well which can greatly improve efficiency and the effectiveness of our recruitment effort. These digital recruiting technologies will allow us to carefully screen each potential participant and determine their compatibility to your project producing results for you faster.

Our Tools

Decision Point Consulting leverages a broad spectrum of technology to best connect your marketing research project to the most suitable participants available through digital recruiting. Some of the technologies we utilize to identify the most effective candidates include:

  • Social media platforms

    • Facebook - Facebook is easily one of the most effective tools in reaching prospective recruitment candidates. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users Facebook can reach a very broad spectrum of potential candidates.

    • Instagram - Instagram can be an excellent tool too. With 1 billion active users, this platform has the ability to reach different, more specific demographics.

    • LinkedIn - As a professional networking social media platform, LinkedIn can be a great way to connect with specific industry members.

  • Video conferencing applications: Quickly taking over social interactions online, video conferencing applications allow multiple people to interact via a live video feed.

    • Zoom

    • Google Meet

    • Amazon Chime


These resources allow us to connect with the public directly from their living rooms. And when it comes time to capture data, we can provide our services using software such as:

  • Questionpro Software; Team edition

  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software

  • Black Magic Video processing

  • iSkySoft conversion software

  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared UR

  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software


Consumer Panel

In addition to our digital recruiting services, we have a Consumer Panel with over 20,000 registered and screened participants from across the United States. This panel can be accessed for both qualitative and quantitative research. We realize the importance of having high-quality subjects. Our commitment to keeping the contacts in this database current is demonstrated through regular review and requests for update from these contacts. Individuals interested in joining this panel can use the link at the top of the page. 


Interested In Utilizing Our Digital Recruiting Expertise?

Digital recruiting can reshape the way you conduct your research. Contact us today at 440-263-5362 to discuss the options we offer and learn how our knowledgeable team can streamline the marketing research process for you through digital recruiting. You can also join our mailing list located at the bottom of our page to stay up-to-date on new trends and opportunities in the field.

Digital Recruiting

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