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If you are a business owner, or simply a go-getter, efficiency is likely your best friend. “Is there a faster (or better) way to do this?” is a question we repeatedly ask ourselves whether recruiting candidates, collecting and analyzing data, or facilitating online focus groups. Our company Decision Point Consulting integrates technology into every study design in order to efficiently reach study respondents, ensure accuracy in data collection, analysis and reporting, and expedite completion of the study for our clients.

What is marketing and research technology?

Marketing and research technology refers to the electronic tools or digital programs used to collect information on target markets. These technologies gather mass amounts of quantitative information, or numerical and statistical information through: surveys, audience analytics, subscription data, website traffic monitoring, and more. These technologies collate the data for you into digestible, relevant, and observable information.

How can this technology help me?
Going Over Data

The value of marketing and research technology has only increased with the prevalence and growth of the internet. Utilizing these electronic tools is the fastest way to gather insights and to reduce human error in the data collection process. These technologies help many businesses operate more efficiently and increase revenue by providing applicable information to hone in on their most likely customers. For our purposes, we use this marketing and research technology to facilitate our studies and to ensure you, our clients, are provided with accurate information to make critical decisions comfortably and from a knowledgeable perspective. 


We use a host of advanced marketing and research technologies to help you achieve your goals. The following technologies are used in data capture, analysis, reporting, and solution presentation. 


  • Questionpro Software; Team edition

  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software

  • Black Magic Video processing

  • iSkySoft conversion software

  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared URL

  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software

What makes Decision Point Consulting the best option?


Here at Decision Point Consulting, we use advanced technologies and facilities to glean insights using a tactical approach. We use research and marketing technologies for digital recruiting of survey participants and respondents. Our consulting operation finds people that meet our client’s profile in an organic sense, which is the most important part of the entire focus group (or study) process. We also use technologies within our high-end Pulse Point Focus Center facilities located in Canton, Ohio. We offer a private viewing room as well as a focus group room to conduct our market research, recruitment, mock jury and legal research services. 


Our facility is wired and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to record and analyze studies conducted in our Pulse Point Focus Center:


  • Fixed Focus Video

  • Video streaming through FocusVision

  • Flat Screen TV

  • DVD Player

  • Audio

  • Internet Access

  • iPads

  • Data Capture/Graphic Response Tool


Who we are


That critical moment when a decision must be made...Go left or right?...Abandon product development or invest more resources and press forward?...Settle a lawsuit or fight with reckless abandon?...Amend the strategy or just ditch it?...Two roads diverge and a decision must be made.


Decision Point Consulting is a consulting business. We get the discussion going within your company to make the right business decisions. We provide knowledgeable and accomplished staff and expert services to give you the guidance and pragmatic solutions you require for your business to prosper.  We do this based on professionally gathered quantitative and qualitative data.


Want more information? 


To learn more how Decision Point Consulting can help your business, how our use of marketing and research technology can add value to your company’s bottom line or to request a quote, call us at 440-263-5362 or email us at

Data Capture and Analysis

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