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Recruitment Services In Canton Ohio
Recruitment Services In Canton Ohio
Recruitment Services In Canton Ohio
market research consulting

For those times when you find yourself with more questions than answers about your customers and how to determine the next steps forward, consider our market research and consulting services:​​

  • Strategic Market Research

  • Quantitative Research & Analysis

  • Qualitative Research & Data Analysis

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Individual and In-Depth Interviews

recruiting services

If you've ever tried to find a needle in a haystack then you know what it is like to find well-qualified study participants or fill a focus group in a short time.  Our Recruitment Services In Canton Ohio and surrounding areas  include:

  • Custom Sample Recruiting

  • Sample Size Capabilities

  • Crisis Recruiting

  • Consumer Panel

mock jury trial / legal research

When success or failure rests on something as simple as how an argument is presented, it is crucial to understand what the jury is thinking​​ and how the merits of the case are perceived.  Our Legal Research Services provide legal counsel with those insights and more.

  • Legal Focus Groups

  • Mock Jury Trials

  • Jury Selection Consulting

Our Services

We realize that when it comes to market and legal research, little details can make a big difference.  A specific question can direct a focus group discussion. An under or over-represented demographic can change the resulting marketing strategy.  An experienced facilitator can uncover a wealth of rich anecdotal data and a mock jury trial can prepare legal counsel to present the most persuasive arguments.  For us, the bottom line is to help  our clients strategically advance their strategy and achieve their goals. Our market research consulting, mock jury, and recruitment services in Canton Ohio and surrounding areas have helped many clients like you.

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