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Bringing a new product to market requires a tremendous amount of research, development, and determination. As important as it is for businesses to stay cutting-edge in today’s modern business environment and continue to develop new sources of revenue, new products tend to have a fairly low success rate. This is because creating buzz for a product that doesn’t exist yet is remarkably challenging. How do you get people interested in something they don’t know they need or even know exists? Decision Point Consulting is committed to helping you and businesses like yours answer this question and those along the way through access to our online consumer panels.


Understanding your target audience and the way your product might impact their lives a major reason to invest in Decision Point Consulting’s consumer panel. We offer a pool of resources that are unavailable to most businesses, especially small businesses. Our customer research consumer panel process progresses from initial recruitment all the way down to data analysis and processing.

Consumer Panel Recruitment

With over 35,000 registered and screened participants from across the United States, our online consumer panel can be useful for a plethora of industries. It can be accessed for both qualitative and quantitative research, improving its efficacy for nearly any potential client. Having high-quality subjects for our customer panel is important for delivering useful, high-quality data to our clients. 

Proper and regular maintenance of this consumer panel demonstrates our commitment to keeping the contacts in this database current. We do this through regular review and requests for updates. Consumer panel members are recruited online through our secure website and individuals interested in joining can click here. After completing the initial steps in the recruitment process, potential consumer panel members are screened and selected based on US population statistics such as demographics and geographic area in order to best fit the needs of prospective clients.

Panel Management

Decision Point Consulting monitors panelist participation and data collection regularly to ensure high-quality deliverables to our clients. Effective customer research panel management is achieved through effective compliance strategies, various communication methods, regular review, and requests for updates. Comprehensive screening protocols ensure the right panelists for the right client. Decision Point successfully engages its panel members regularly which results in increased panelist satisfaction.


Data Collection

The most useful data is data that’s quantifiable and can be translated into meaningful answers for you and your business. Delivering consumer panel survey data of this caliber begins with considered data collection. To ensure the complete collection of any data that might be useful for our clients, our facility is wired and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to record and analyze customer panel researchstudies conducted in our Pulse Point Focus Center. Some of the equipment available at our facility includes:

  • QuestionPro Software; Team edition

  • SPSS Statistical Processing Software

  • Black Magic Video processing

  • iSkySoft conversion software

  • Vimeo Converting mp4 to shared URL

  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentation software


These technologies allow us to properly collect, organize, and analyze customer panel research data from consumer panels in a way that is most meaningful to our clients.


Market Research Surveys

Decision Point Consulting utilizes QuestionPro Software to develop the most effective market research surveys possible to disseminate to our consumer panel. QuestionPro’s software enables us to design high-quality market research surveys, add multiple question types, logic, and customized branding. We can analyze survey data in real-time as our panel is completing them. Decision Point Consulting’s consumer panel benefits our clients, in part, due to our ability to identify the most cutting-edge technology and implement it into the market research process.


Our consumer panel Survey questions are carefully designed by our market research experts, leading to qualitative results and insights from our panel of 20,000 plus members from across the U.S. Surveys are an integral part of panel membership, as they provide necessary data to deliver to our clients.


Data Processing

With the help of our dedicated data processing team, along with SPSS Statistical Processing Software, consumer panel data can be translated into insightful information. Raw customer panel research data is converted through our intricate validation, editing, and tabulation processes. Thorough quality control procedures are central to our operations, resulting in error-free and on-time deliverables for our clients.

Interested In Utilizing Our Online Market Research Consumer Panel?

Consumer panels can reshape the way you conduct your online marketing research, a crucial component to bringing a new product to market. To better understand a potential customer’s perspective, contact us today at 440-263-5362 or by We can discuss available options we offer as well as suggesting different research strategies most effective for your business. Learn how our knowledgeable team can streamline the marketing research process for you through our robust catalog of consumer panelists. You can also join our mailing list located at the bottom of our page to stay up-to-date on new trends and opportunities in the field or join our consumer panel yourself by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Consumer Panels for Market Research

  • How do you ensure the selection of qualified candidates for market research?
    Our market research recruitment process begins by meticulously defining screening criteria, analyzing demographics, and determining effective sourcing methods. We leverage compelling messages to attract potential participants and rigorously screen each candidate for compatibility with the defined criteria. Whether B2B or B2C market research projects, you can count on our recruitment capabilities.
  • What if I need market research participants at short notice?
    Our market research recruiting team is more than capable of handling crises like yours. We use advanced technology, proprietary tools, and extensive networks to source the participants you need, even under tight deadlines. We also have a permanent database comprising of over 40,000 vetted participants for qualitative and quantitative studies. Contact us today!
  • Do you have a permanent database for market research activities?
    Yes. Our Consumer Panel comprises over 40,000 registered and screened participants from across the United States. We maintain the quality of participants by seeking regular updates and conducting reviews.
  • What’s the minimum size of market research participants you recruit for?
    Our market research recruitment agency can handle projects of any size. Whether it's a small focus group or a large-scale product review involving tens of thousands of participants. You can count on us. Leveraging technology, electronic communication tools, and social media platforms. We attract and screen only first-rate participants for your market research projects. Contact us today!
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