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Quanitative Marketing Research Parma OH

client's portfolio

Over the course of the company's history, we've had the honor of working with some of the most distinguished international brands and legal professional associations across the country.  Take a look at the following sample of our quantitative marketing research Parma OH for legal and recruiting projects.

in our clients' own words

We asked our clients what they thought of the services we provided their company, organization or legal professional association and this is what they said!

“Amy and her team have been amazing in assisting our team with needle in a haystack recruits. She is professional and timely and is amazing at working at lightening speed which our clients require.  She has a can do and positive attitude which makes her a joy to work with. I highly recommend Amy and her team at DecisionPoint Consulting."

 - Julie McGuigan, Senior Project Manager

   Q&A Focus Suites 

“We often require the need to reach complicated respondents, where traditional facilities cannot always deliver a full recruit.  For simplicity and cost-effectiveness, it’s obviously easier to use just one recruiter.  However, there are times where Decision Point was the only choice for us to meet a project’s demands.  Amy works tirelessly to ensure they get the job done.”
- Sarah McEvily, Operations/Field Director,

  Brand Riffs Inc.

"The first time I worked with Amy and DecisionPoint Consulting was for a qualitative recruit for backyard chicken owners in Tuscon after the recruiting team I hired left me high and dry.  Since then, Amy has been my go-to for the toughest of recruits and always comes through, providing high quality participants. No matter how crazy a recruit is, I have complete confidence that Amy and DecisionPoint Consulting can make it work."

- Marissa Vidler

  Clear Box Insights

Client's Composition

Since inception, we have worked directly with companies and organizations of all sizes, from a single entrepreneur working to validate a business idea to large, long-established, global corporations.  We have conducted quantitative marketing research in Parma OH and nationally on behalf of marketing consultants and advertising agencies and provided the data necessary for their clients to succeed.  We've worked with law firms, both big and small, and conducted mock jury trials for some of the most widely-publicized cases.  Through every client engagements, we have expanded the scope of our capabilities, deepened our industry knowledge and remained true to our belief that there is an answer to every question and our job is to help our clients find that answer.

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